Virgile's Portfolio

So you want to be a model?

The model and the photographer are together on the shooting project, and both of them has to do his best to make magic happens. The model is not here for the photographer and the photographer is not here for the model. That's my way to work!

So, I propose six simple rules of a good session :

1. Reciprocal respect. Respect of the timing, respect of the model's modesty, respect of the copyright, respect of the tiredness etc. etc.

2. Reciprocal interest. Please don't take it bad if I decline your invitation. I'll not be offended if you won't work with me.

3. A contract will be signed before the session.

4. The model and the photographe work alone. No friends, family, wife, husband, children, dogs. Nevertheless, if the model is anxious for her security, she can give the address to a relative. She may also give or receive calls during the session.

5. TFP = Time For Print I pay back the expenses of the model and I give a CD with the high-resolution photographs. I don't pay fees to the model ; she doesn't pay fees for my work.

6. No nudity if the model is less than 18! Even if the parents have given their written permission. I strictly refuse. So, if you look younger than you are, take an ID card with you.

Fair enough? Send me an email with some pictures :