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about {me}

I think the only goal of art is to convey emotion, and that's what I want to lead with my photos.

Generally are distinguished photographers who seek truth from those seeking beauty. When we learned that many Doisneau's works were not spontaneous, many fans got disappointed or angry. Why?! The image remained unchanged.

If you care whether the image represents a stolen moment or whether it is being staged, then you have nothing to do in a photo exhibition: go out into the street and just look around you!

About emotion : pictures of kittens or American car in the streets of Cuba plunge me into a deep coma. So I think it is necessary to be a bit borderline. Some of my best pictures are explicit and refused by most exhibitors and platforms.

Photoshopped pictures also excessively bore me. The perfection of the framing, composition, exposure, contrast often lead to derealisation of the scene. I've seen looks so beautiful that, after a flawless retouching, lost all humanity. And this is probably the second thing I want to convey after the emotion: a bit of humanity.